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Day 45 - Death Panels - On The Road To Mayor 

July 24, 2015

I finished up Mark Maron's interview of Barack Obama today. 

Obama was talking about the importance of being succinct in politics. 

He said that it's not that people can't understand the complexity of political situations. It's that they don't have time to analyze all the ins and outs of things. 

He then referenced the anti-healthcare people's use of the term Death Panels. 

He said that was so powerful because the law was complicated. But people knew one thing: they didn't want death panels. 

I wrestle with idealism versus reality of running for mayor. 

I don't want to:

  • Have yard signs 
  • Do robocalls 
  • Mass mail
  • Believe elections are mostly a name recognition game

Yesterday you very well might have gotten a direct mail piece from my opponent. And then you might have gotten followed up with a robocall. 

He will easily have the most signs and billboards all over the city. 

$700,000 for the mayoral campaign is nothing for him. Why?

Because the Akron annual budget is well over $400 million. 

Donors investing a measly $700k is the best investment they can make. 

There are huge contracts at stake if they don't get their guy in office... Preferably for another 28 years. 

It's this point that fires me up about this campaign. 

It's this point that makes me fight as hard as I can to stop the corruption. 

Akron is not a piggy bank that rich people get to shake millions of dollars out of. 

I can't promise I won't do any of those things above. 

Denying the critical importance of name recognition in an election is political suicide. 

If you ever see any of those things from me I hope you don't hold them against me. I'm just a realist at what needs to happen if you actually want to win an election today. 

But I will make you one promise: I will never bad mouth any of my opponents. 

They all seem like decent people. I just absolutely believe I'm the mayor Akron needs today. 

But the system is gross. It's rotten to the core with centuries of bloated greed, power and corruption. I will fight the parties every step of the way. 

I also promise to offer as much depth and specifics on initiatives as anyone wants from me. 

I regularly update my initiatives section here. 

So here's my boiled down succinct message:


What do you think? Do you like it? Do you think it's a message that will resonate with people?

If not, do you have another message you think I should focus on?

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