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Day 46 - The Voice of the People - On The Road To Mayor

July 25, 2015


We had a really great talk on Facebook today about what the focus of the campaign should be. 

A major focus for me is the ages old infrastructure of the 2 party system. 

We live in the United States of the 2 Party System. 

They hold all the keys. They make all the rules. 

This made a lot more sense in a time when communicating was slow and minimal. 

Now they just don't want to lose control. 

That's where I come in. 

My purpose here is to shine a light on the corruption, the total control, the massive amounts of money the parties wield in America. It rots our democracy from the inside. 

  • The lucrative contracts that were gotten by paying huge sums of money to the parties. 
  • The hidden power brokers that pull all the strings. 
  • The puppet officials put in place to do the parties' bidding. 


When elected, I will give all the control I am given as mayor to the people. 

This was never really possible until recently. 

But today the infrastructure exists so that we all can be in continual communication. 

If you want to be part of the decision making process we make in the city you will be able to do so. 

  • Budget planning 
  • Initiatives 
  • Pan handlers 
  • Pot holes
  • Sewer 
  • Homeless
  • Schools
  • Taxes

You, the people, and I will discuss these issues together and then vote on how we want to move forward. 

There are many tools today that will allow you to submit ideas and then all the people of Akron will be able to vote on them. 

We will develop minimums for ideas to be considered and then other minimums for the number of votes needed to move ahead with the change. 

We'll start by voting on these minimums. 

I will be your servant. I will do your bidding. 

We will have the same government process hurdles that exist in our government today. There is a process for how things are done. 

But I will do the people's work. I will serve the people in a true democracy. 

Make me mayor in Akron and I will give you all the power. 

I will be your voice. 

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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