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Day 47 - Perspective - On The Road To Mayor

July 26, 2015

I'm writing this from Sparta Wisconsin. It's about 600 miles from Akron. 

Last summer Rocky and I put together a plan to do the biggest vacation of our adult lives.

We started putting a plan together to go to Yellowstone National Park. 

We should be in South Dakota tomorrow. 

We'll be checking out the Badlands first. 

I'll post pictures along the way. 

I have gotten the chance to see many places in America. It helps me understand Akron more clearly. 

People from Northern Ohio are incredibly hard working. I sometimes think too hard working. 

I've heard it called the "Midwestern work ethic."

We are very proud of how dedicated we are. 

  • We come to work sick. 
  • We rarely take vacation. 
  • You are a wuss if you don't drive to work in bad snow storms. 

You are probably all saying, "Well of course!"

But you should know it's not like that everywhere. 

Ultimately, it's an impressive trait. 

"So what's the point, Sage?" 

I'm so glad you asked. 

The point is that it is very difficult to see things clearly when you are in them. 

It's not until you step away that you start to see clearly what was always right in front of you. 

Take race. 

It's incredibly difficult to understand where another person is coming from. You can't get out of your own skin to understand their perspective. 

Look at this:

That is crazy. 

A white guy just goes about his business and lives his life completely unaware of the bonus points he gets simply for being white. 

This is 100% obvious to every single African American in America. 

It's impossible to change your skin color. But it's not impossible to make friends with someone of another race. 

The more time you spend with people who do not look like you the more you will be able to see a bit better what their perspective is. 

If you get the chance, please take the opportunity to hang out with some different people. 

I pretty much guarantee you'll enjoy the experience. And you'll be helping move America another step closer to equality for all. 

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