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Day 48 - Great Responsibility - On The Road To Mayor

July 27, 2015

It is very easy to blame all the country's problems on our government officials. 

And in fairness they never take responsibility for anything that goes wrong. And they never ask us to do anything. 

The last thing I recall being asked to do was when George Bush told me to go shopping. 

We can't accuse our leaders of being incompetent and ineffective while not being willing to be part of the solution ourselves. 

Democracy is a government structure that requires an engaged people. 

  • Spend time with people outside of your circle of comfort. 
  • Volunteer at the Salvation Army. 
  • Volunteer at your church. 
  • Vote. 

Everyone in Akron making small ripples will have much more effect than a few people making big waves. 

Out of about 200,000 people some 20,000 will vote in the Democratic primary. 

You could instantly take over your city if 50,000 voted. 

I will ask things of you as mayor.

For me to be your voice you will have to think about the issues. You will have to go online and tell me what you want me to do. 

You can't just complain to your friends about how terrible things are. 

You need to be involved. 

Together we can make Akron one of the great cities of America. 

Paid For By The People for Sage Lewis

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