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Day 61 - Greatness Is In You - On the Road to Mayor 

August 8, 2015

I wish so much you could see what I've seen the last couple weeks. 

Yellowstone, The Black Hills, The Badlands. These are places that defy explanation. 

No words or pictures tell the story of actually being here. 

We are just leaving the Little Bighorn Battlefield area. 

This is where Custer's Last Stand occurred. 

You might know that. 

But the much more interesting story is of the Native Americans that won the battle. 

The fight was an overwhelming victory for the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho. 

This was a unique time for Native Americans because they were taking part in the Sun Dance, a very important religious ceremony together. 

The highly regarded leader, Sitting Bull, had a vision that there would be a battle and they would be victorious. 

The Native Americans went into the battle believing they would win and they did. Decisively. 

This continues to be a very important part of Native American history. They look to it as a form of inspiration. 

Native Americans are incredibly proud and deeply connected to the land and their ancestors. 

We have much to learn from them. 

But the lesson I want to reference is this: This area and its original inhabitants are greatness incarnate. 

I'm driving through the middle of greatness. 

No matter what current struggles the Native Americans may be going through they have a very clear eye on who they are. I am very confident we will see them return to their great stature once again. It's just a matter of time. 

And the same goes with you. 

You are a direct descendant of greatness. 

You are on this planet because of the brave and bold actions of your ancestors. 

Maybe you can't see it in your parents or grandparents. Maybe you don't have records of your ancestors because you are a descendent of slaves. 

But greatness dwells in you. I assure you. 

The secret to living into your greatness is to stop trying to be something you're not. 

Don't be afraid to be you. 

You do you. 

Greatness doesn't have to be a lot of money or a big house. 

In fact those rarely represent greatness at all. 

  • Practice more with your band. 
  • Paint more. 
  • Write more. 
  • Run more. 
  • Add on to your model trains. 
  • Spend more time on your short wave radio. 
  • Join a video game tournament. 

Don't let anyone tell you those things are silly. Greatness can be had in all of them. 

Become the ancestor people look to as their inspiration in the future. 

Be the greatness you want to see. 

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