Sage Against The Machine

Day 63 – Do You Feel Free and Happy? On the road to mayor

Life. Liberty (freedom). And the pursuit of happiness. 

It’s very interesting that those three things are presented in that order. 

You can’t have one without the one before it. 

With all my heart, I believe many of our freedoms have been taken from us by the wealthy and powerful. 

A perfect example of this is with student loans. 

I know many people that are strapped with insurmountable student loan debt. 

And there is nothing you can do about it. That debt will follow you all the way into old age as your social security gets garnished. 

This is less visible in your city taxes. But, I assure you, it’s raging and sucking you dry. 

You must understand that there are huge city government contracts in play during this election. 

Rich people are terrified that if the ordained Democrat doesn’t get elected then all these bloated government contracts will get reevaluated. Which they will. 

You pay for these rich people to get richer through your taxes. 

Elect a Democrat into office and I guarantee the rich will get richer off of your back. 

You CAN stop this by electing the Republican or Independent into office. 

It’s the Democrats in Akron that are obsessed with keeping the power and money all to themselves. 

The Democrat Dynasty in Akron has gotten too powerful and too corrupt. 

The soil must be turned over. 

Teddy Roosevelt called these people the “Criminal Rich”. 

They are manipulating the system to make tons of money from people that have very little money to begin with. 

They steal your freedom by ever increasing taxes and unforgivable debt. 

And with your freedom, they slowly erode the likelihood of ever really pursuing happiness. 

Vote for me, Sage Lewis – Independent, Tuesday November 3rd for Mayor of Akron. 


3 responses to “Day 63 – Do You Feel Free and Happy? On the road to mayor”

  1. Ok, I had been happily reading your posts up until now. Vote for the Republican so he won’t take advantage of you and get rich off your back????? Sorry. Wrong argument completely, especially in Ohio, a place where Republicans are so entrenched in the charter school system in order to make money off the backs of our children. No.

    1. I completely understand your concern. And 3 months ago I would have never thought I’d ever say anything like that.

      But what you have to realize is that all these people are just using their party for their own gain.

      None of them have any moral alignment to the party. It’s strictly opportunistic.

    2. Politics is dirtier than you could ever imagine. These people aren’t here to stand for beliefs and values. It’s just all about power.