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Day 64 - They're Failing You - On The Road To Mayor

August 11, 2015

Frank Comunale has officially left the race. 

You now have 2 candidates for the Democratic primary. 

Dan Horrigan - the puppet of the 30 year old Dynasty of greed and corruption that won't let go of Akron.

Mike Williams - the candidate that hasn't done anything significant in 20 years at city council. 

And the guy that dropped out, Frank Comunale, he is quoted as saying he got too tired. 

I won't make a habit of hitting these guys. I have much more to run for than against. 

But this is appalling. 

These people don't care about you at all. 

They are all in this for ego, power and greed. 

I am driving back from Yellowstone into Akron. 

I used the time to clear my thoughts about the election and how it plays in my life. 

The West is filled with stories of people who defied all odds to accomplish great things. 

I come from my time away from Akron with a clear vision, rested and ready to fight against the massive powers that have a stranglehold on Akron. 

I'm not tired at all. I'm ready to fight harder than I've ever fought for anything in my life. 

Together, we will show the powerful elite whose city it truly is. 

We are the 99%.

We are the real power. 

This November they will hear us. 

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