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Day 75 - The Homeless Army - On The Road To Mayor

August 23, 2015

I have a very difficult time getting signatures to get on the ballot to run for mayor. 

In Ohio, if your intention is to really run for political office, just swear your allegiance to the Democratic or Republican Party and you will have a much easier time of things.

They need 50 signatures to get on the ballot. Everyone else needs 372. 


Become the Dems & Repubs have silenced minorities and mostly shut down Democracy. 

It's not like that in other states. 

But that's not actually what I want to talk about. 

Last night Rocky and I stood out in front of the Rubber Ducks game for an hour. We got 3 signatures. 

One of which was a homeless guy named Al. 

He asked for some petitions because I offered him $1.50 for any signatures he could get. 

So Rocky and I got our three signatures and then went to dinner. 

When we got back to our truck Al was standing there. 

He got 29 signatures!

I don't think I've ever gotten 29 signatures in two hours. 

He knows all the regulars at the bars downtown. 

It reminds me that these people are not wastes. They are not useless. 

Many of them are hard working and really determined. 

You have to get strong if you live on the street. 

Most of these people have a hard time with relationships and the constant pressures of society. 

The physically and mentally disabled homeless are another story. 

But the outcasts are a huge opportunity for our community. 

Problems like drug abuse and homelessness require innovative, outside the box thinking. Otherwise we would have figured it out already. 

  • Locking drug addicts in prison doesn't work. 
  • Forcing the homeless into traditional society doesn't work. 

I've got my eye on abandon houses and buildings. I think I'm going to start experimenting with them. I feel like there is a solution with these buildings. 

If you have ideas please let me know. 

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