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Day 73 - All 3 Candidates Bought and Sold - On The Road To Mayor

August 20, 2015

My heart sunk a little when I heard Eddie Sipplen decided to have Steve Albrecht to be his campaign manager.

I really thought Eddie had a campaign manager who was really awesome.

If you don't know, Steve Albrecht is the chairman of the family-owned Acme Fresh Market. 

Acme operates 15 stores in Summit, Stark, Portage and Cuyahoga counties and has more than 2,000 employees.

It's quite realistic to believe Steve is among the richest in Akron.

So, if you vote for the Republican and he wins I wouldn't be surprised to see a bunch more Acme stores in the next 4 years. I mean that's how it goes.. right?

Let's take a look at the Democratic money connections which are the most intense.

Ray Kapper:

Grumpy Abe: With Kapper, you're never too old to serve your city

many of his friends call [him] the patriarch of the local Democratic Party


Grumpy Abe: Ray Kapper, remarkable at 78

When I asked him later about this title, he paused on the phone and responded with a trickle of humor: "Godfather ...I like to stay behind the scene."

Ray Kapper is incredibly powerful and probably someone you don't know much of anything about.

But you should know this:

Mayor For Life | News Lead | Cleveland Scene

He became a consultant, and some contractors complained that in order to get city work, they needed to pay Kapper's generous consulting fee. In 2000, the FBI raided his office. He was either stupid or greedy. In addition to consulting, Kapper served on a number of boards. It was revealed that he had received almost $500,000 from companies that won contracts from the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority and the Summit County Children Services Board.


Joel Bailey, a FirstEnergy vice president and former Plusquellic chief of staff,  and Kapper worked through two of the former mayor's in-and-out successors in the kaleidoscopic fallout.  

And this is the line that's resonated the most with me:

Grumpy Abe: With Kapper, you're never too old to serve your city

Eventually they [sic: Kapper supported Democrats] were rewarded with Dan Horrigan, the popular Summit County Clerk  of Courts as their candidate for mayor on the November ballot.

Just go read the above linked article and tell me you don't think Akron's political system is rigged and backed by big money. And based on how buddy buddy Mike Williams was with Dan Horrigan I'm pretty sure he's going to play ball just like Dan will.

There is a Illuminati-like, extremely rich and powerful, few people in this city pulling all the strings.

If I don't get on the ballot, which all the rich and powerful people will do everything in their power to try to make sure happens, then you are guaranteed to vote for the person who is completely beholden to big business and the rich and powerful.

The little guy is just a tiny bump in the road for the rich to get richer. "Thank you for your vote."

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