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Day 78 - Dan Horrigan Vaporware - On The Road To Mayor

August 26, 2015


His blog says: "Dan Horrigan has a very detailed, 15-part plan for the City of Akron, starting the day that he takes office as Akron's new Mayor."

I was excited to dig into that. Truly, I'm all for ideas on making our city as great as it can be.

But "very detailed" must mean something different to me than it does to him.

It's a list of 15 things that are important to him. But not one idea on how he's going to make them happen. 

Take #1: 

Job Growth. Every day, Akron competes with hundreds of other cities in the U.S. and around the world for businesses and jobs in every sector of the economy. Dans #1 priority will be to promote the growth of 21st Century jobs in Akron by attracting and retaining the talent that employers look for.

So how exactly does he plan on "attracting and retaining the talent?"

Anybody can say things. 

  • I will get unicorns to come to Akron by attracting and retaining the unicorns that the city looks for.
  • I will give every child in Akron free ice cream Sundays by attracting and retaining the ice cream that Akron kids look for.
  • I will make Akron levitate into the clouds by attracting and retaining the levitation device that levitation experts look for.

"Attracting and retaining" are not actual things you do. 

Let me show you the difference. 

Here are four initiatives I want to accomplish from the Initiatives section of my site:

That's what "very detailed" looks like.

Horrigan is just playing it ultra safe. He's not committing to anything. He's just saying words to make it look like he has a plan.

There is no plan. 

And the reason there is no plan is because he's not a visionary. He's not a creator. He's not a big picture thinker. He's just the guy that the "Godfather" of Akron Democratic politics has chosen to be the next figure head for the dynasty politics that has gone on in this city for 3 decades.

You can take your city back, Akron. It's not going to be easy. But you have the options. 

The first thing you need to do is to make sure I'm on the ballot. I am still collecting signatures until September 7. 

If you haven't given me your signature I desperately need it. Click here to tell me where we can meet so I can get it.


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