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Day 80: Horrigan - Public Enemy #1 - On The Road To Mayor

August 29, 2015

dan-horrigan You probably think that title is extreme.  

"You're just jealous he's doing so well." 

If I thought he was good for Akron I'd be pleased as punch he's totally dominating this race.  

But I'm telling you this: no one is given this much absolute support without strings being pulled, promises being made, back office deals going down.  

But even that isn't what concerns me the most.  

Dan Horrigan is just the sequel to Plusquellic.  He was chosen by Joel Bailey, the former Plusquellic chief of staff, and Ray Kapper the "Godfather" of the Akron Democratic Party.  

That's dangerous because Horrigan is the puppet of the true power players that just want the status quo.  

He didn't decide to run. He was chosen to run.  

Tom Sawyer was being a "good Democrat" by leaving the race early. 

Summit County Councilwoman Sandra Kurt, who is temporarily chairing the Summit County Democratic Party, said Sawyer has always been a good Democrat.

Frank Comunale was harder. But he was finally pressured to get out of the way.  

And why is all this happening? Because Dan Horrigan will be able to easily be manipulated by the real power people.  

They don't want anything to change.  The lucrative contracts need to stay the same. The big business authority needs to stay the same. We need to keep making our downtown "bigger better stronger." 

This next sentence is the one I want you to slow down and read: 

The status quo is death.  

The status quo is death.  

The reason it's so dangerous is because you can't just hold on to what you've got. It all leaves.  

Cleveland Clinic just purchased all of Akron General Hospital. That changes the economic balance of things. Cleveland Clinic could decide we don't have a large enough population to support two large hospitals.  

If you aren't innovating and evolving you are dying.  

Our declining population is the current status quo. We are in decline. 

And it's very feasible that could effect what Cleveland Clinic decides to do with healthcare in Akron.  Do you see the writing on the wall?

  • EJ Thomas gets closed. 
  • Cleveland Clinic buys Akron General. 
  • University of Akron is $60 million in debt.

The status quo is death. And that's all Dan Horrigan has planned.  

I'm not over expressing this. It's real and it's going to take real leadership to turn around.  

Innovation. Empowering the youth. Embracing change. 

I'm telling you. This. Is. For. Real. 

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