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Day 9 - The Campaign's Values - The Road To Mayor

June 17, 2015

I posted a story yesterday about Dan Horrigan winning the race. 

The story wasn't the problem. I found a picture of him and The Don. 

It was one of those pictures that you see of politicians looking like politicians. 

I didn't make fun of him. But I also knew that the picture put him in a certain light. 

And sure enough, people started saying not great things about him. 

A friend of mine reminded me that I didn't need to run "that kind of campaign." My campaign manager suggested I take it down. I did. 

Here's the thing: I don't need to position myself using negativity. I'm as different from them as it gets. 

I'm a full time business owner (not a lawyer) that is not a political insider. If the voters want something besides the usual, stereotypical candidate I am pretty much the only alternative. 

If nothing else, I'm worth a look. 

So, let this be my first (and probably not last) apology of the campaign. I'm sorry for putting anything out there that could even slightly be perceived as negative.

The first thing my wife, Rocky, said to me this morning was that "it warmed her heart" to see how many people were supporting me. It felt like they actually wanted to see me win. 

That's what I want. 

I want to be the person someone would want to vote for. I want to be a positive influence in a system that has gotten really mucked up over the years. 

I want to see how far optimism, belief in the common person and positive focus gets me. 

That's what I want this campaign to be remembered by. 

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