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Loosen Restrictions On Food Trucks

June 17, 2015


photo from: Akron Food Truck Friday | TeaTime with the Mad Artist

I evolve my businesses based on one fundamental law of business: You can't stop progress. 

Food trucks are the current evolution of the restaurant business. I love restaurants as much as the next person. But I also love food trucks. 

We need to continue the discussion on how other cities are handling food trucks and how we should be handling food trucks. 

The Greater Akron Food Truck Coalition mission statement reads:

The Greater Akron Food Truck Coalition advocates for laws that will allow food trucks to operate in Akron—free from arbitrary and anti-competitive restrictions—and ensure that food trucks meet the same health and safety standards as brick-and-mortar restaurants.  This will allow the city to experience all of the many benefits that food trucks have to offer the communities they serve.

That sounds like a common sense approach helping get more food trucks into Akron.

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