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Day 96: Why there are so few great people. On The Road To Mayor

September 13, 2015


Do you remember the post (day 32) where I listed a few people who I thought would be cool to run for mayor?

As you can imagine, there was no resounding thrill from them to run. 

The best people in our communities rarely have interest in running for office.  Why? I don't think it's the money. I know many awesome people that aren't driven by money. 

I think it's the constant public analysis. The criticism. 

Do you know the phrase: "run out of town on a rail?" That was an actual thing.

They would take a public figure, put him on a fence rail and parade him out of town. 

A story attributed to Abraham Lincoln has him quoting a victim of being ridden out of town on a rail as having said, "If it weren't for the honor of the thing, I would just as soon walk

I think most people just don't need it.  And of course then there's the death.  Really effective leaders, inside politics and out, often find themselves dead. 

  • Lincoln 
  • Kennedy
  • MLK Jr. 

That list goes on and on. 

Greatness is just not seen as worth it.  And I can't say I blame them. 

While the outpouring of support and love during this journey has far surpassed any negativity, there has always been a constant low hum of anger towards me. 

The first message I saw today was someone telling me to "give it up." That's the funny thing about being an outsider to politics. I have plenty to go back to. 

Inside politicians only have their political careers. Without their elected office they have nothing. 

Every time someone tells me I'm wrong or stupid or just to quit, my natural instinct every time is: "I don't need this."

I think that's probably an almost universal reflex to criticism.  You don't get that nearly as much in your comfort zone. 

For me that's being a business owner.  As a business owner you call all the shots.

If you're successful you make a bunch of money. And no one talks back to you.  That's a pretty appealing place to live.  But it's also hollow for me.  There is very little soul in business. 

The best business people are totally focused on the money.  Not being that way is often at your own peril. 

Money is the blood of business. You can't live without it.

And eventually the money gets boring. It gets empty.  There is really nothing much there. 

Greatness is different. Greatness is filled with soul. 

It is filled with love and belief and being true to yourself.  Greatness gives you a level of fulfillment that money never will.

This is a story that needs to be told more. 

We have endless people telling us how great money is. But how many times have you been told how amazing it is to be great? 

Greatness has very few cheerleaders. 

So here's my little contribution to why I think you should try to be great. 

Standing up for what you believe touches a part of your being that rarely is experienced by many. 

  • You could be remembered for generations.  
  • You move large chunks of society forward. They become healthier or smarter or more compassionate. 
  • You become an inspiration for others to stand up and be great. 


Greatness comes in many forms:










Government leader 

Greatness comes from stepping outside of where you are supposed to be.  You become a different kind of human being. 

You take it to the next level. You always take it to the next level. 

We all can do this.  We can all take it to the next level. 

Greatness is within each and everyone of us. 

You might fail.

You might be told by many people (loved ones are the most painful but also most prevalent) to quit and go back from where you came. 

But there is success even in failure. You become an inspiration for those that watched you. 

Greatness begets more greatness.  Listen to your heart. Listen to our passions. Follow that rabbit hole. It will likely take you someplace wonderful and new and inspiring. 

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