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Journal Entry - Sunday, January 8 2017 7:43am

January 8, 2017

I'm not a great journal keeper. I have sometimes written thoughts in Evernote. But it's very erratic.

That said, I really believe in its usefulness. Your mind is a terrible place to sort out thoughts.

My constant, ongoing thought is on business. It's a game that I'm always looking to win.

I question the longevity of SageRock as it has always been known. Not because of the quality of work, but because a changing market. My feeling is that people are either giving up or taking it in house. That's certainly not the case across the board. But it does seem to be a trend.

I do, however, believe Web site development is a needed service. People rarely want to hire a full time person or team to build a Web site. I also believe that the service providers are weak. Big agencies have Web as a bolted on service with junior level people running it. And small companies have poor business management skills that make them unstable. This area interest me a great deal. 

I believe SageRock should probably become a WordPress Development shop with online marketing as a secondary offering. But the fundamentals of Google optimization would be baked into all our sites. Very few agencies have any understanding of building for mobile, AMP or know how to optimize a site for speed.

Telling the story of our Web development work will be key to our future. Greg is an amazing WordPress developer. And I'm not bad. This should be fairly easy to maintain. But I don't have a desire to build a large Web development shop. The quality of work will degrade and I'll lose control of the end product.

I don't want my primary income to be reliant on high end consulting work. It is incredibly hard to grow.

This leads me to turning my focus on to auctions and the charity. These could very likely be the future. I can use my marketing skill there.

I'm getting my real estate license this coming month. I'd like to experiment with some DIY real estate services and, of course, try to do some real estate auctions. I'm also wondering about doing more regular auctions. But Rocky says that will come naturally. Although, it wouldn't hurt to inject some auctions in until the schedule gets filled.

I'm also thinking about trying to panhandle for money for my charity. I could hand out information about the charity and live stream it while I do it.

So, what do I want to do this week:

  • Live stream a panhandling experiment where I try to raise money for our shower for the charity.
    • You need a tripod holder for your phone.
    • Charge the external battery pack.
  • On Tuesday I need to get the new merchandise for our upcoming auction.
  • Start marketing the end of the month auction. Saturday, January 28.
  • Start putting together the idea we had for a entrepreneurship school we had for the homeless.
  • Blog about the Homeless Startup School
    • Once that idea is fairly flushed out then start thinking about grants we can get for it.

As a side note: I liked putting this journal entry out into public. It forced me to think ideas through more fully. My private journaling rarely had this much thought and consideration. That's simply because I never felt like I had any obligation to think things through fully.


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