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Lack of understanding Consequences for your actions

April 7, 2021

Some homeless people have difficulty processing consequences for their actions.

"If you don't clean up this space I'm going to make you move off my land."

They can see that there are benefits for living on my land. Like security and access to electricity. They don't want to move back to the woods.

They then deflect responsibility for their actions. Sage is being unfair.

Their response isn't to clean up the space. It's to yell and plead and pout with all their energy to hope they can change my mind.

They will lose what they want because they can't process that it is THEIR actions causing negative consequences.

It feels like a short circuit in their early childhood development. They either didn't learn this skill or they have developed a disorder.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder is not quite it. But it's the right area of thinking.

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