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Somebody is going to get a shit ton of socks out of this mayoral race

September 27, 2015

   I just heard Rocky tell her friend Holly that on the phone.  I've been told by several homeless people that they always need socks.  Homeless people are constantly walking.  Their socks wear out, get wet and get really dirty.  If it's socks they want, it's socks they'll get.  Do you like socks?  Are you wearing socks right this minute? Do you hate when your socks get wet? Or your big toe razor blade toe nail keeps cutting through the front of your sock like it wants to escape? And then your whole day is ruined because you can't stop obsessing over your big toe sticking out of your sock.  Have you ever worn your socks for so long that people get quiet and start backing away when you take your shoes off? Then you know the beauty of what a brand new pair of socks is like.  Help that guy you walk past as you go to work have a little pride on his feet.  Who knows. Maybe he'll get a new pair of socks and realize his life needs to change.  Maybe he'll decide he needs to get off the bath salts. Maybe he'll decide that he's better than just standing on the corner with a sign all day.  Maybe he'll decide to go apply for a job at Burger King.  He'll start mopping the floors. Then he'll take over the fries.  Then one day Sally calls off and someone needs to run the cash register.  No one else is available. So he steps up and takes over the cash register.  He quickly gets countless call in reviews as one of the most amazing cashiers to ever take a burger order.  He then gets a job at corporate headquarters as the head of customer service.  5 years later the board of directors selects him to be the CEO of Burger King.  Burger King then goes on to dominate McDonald's.  The Whopper becomes the true king of burgers.  And it was all because he got a fresh pair of new socks.  You can change the destiny of Burger King corporate profits and allow the true best tasting burger become the #1 burger in the world by donating a few dollars to the "No Feet Left Behind" Go Fund Me campaign here: Would you please consider giving a few dollars to help the feet of some of our homeless friends? You'll probably change the course of all of society by helping out here.  Just go here and donate a buck or two:

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