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The Mac is Bac!

October 2, 2015

You may remember the story of our iMac being stolen from our office by a homeless guy I was helping. 

The interesting part of that story is that all Apple products have gps tracking on them. 

So I've had an alert set to notify me when it came back online. 

Sure enough, it came online yesterday. 

Greg (in the picture), a super awesome cop and I went over to see if we could find it. 

It is now right back at its home after having a very exciting journey. 

My guy sold it to one guy who sold it at least one more time. 

We picked it up in a pretty rough neighborhood. 

The guy who bought it had a really nicely decked out house. 

  • Inlaid hardwood floors
  • Large salt water fish tank
  • New furniture 
  • Beautiful dining room table with complete China and silverware settings. 

He said he paid $300 for it and didn't seem to mind one bit giving it up. 

So what does it all mean?

Maybe it means nothing. 

Or maybe it's a lesson the world wants to teach us. 

I know this: There are 2 ways to eliminate your enemies. 

One way is to just eliminate them. Put them in jail or kill them. 

Another way is to convert them. Stop thinking they are your enemy. Forgive them. Love them. 

If I were to ever believe a higher power wanted to teach us something, I believe it is this: We are not individuals. We are one entity. We are a single biological being. 

We have to work together. We can't ignore or hate or persecute our fellow people and expect to achieve enlightenment. 

Just as it makes no sense to hate our little toe, it makes no sense to hate any other human being. 

We can't know when God shows up in our lives. God takes many forms to teach us and to help us grow. 

If you believe Jesus turned water into wine then you have to believe it's possible he took that iMac away so he could see how we'd react. 

That's what God does. He's trying to teach us to have faith, to not be afraid. To love everyone and everything. 

We all have a choice: Do we follow Jesus or not?

Do we stay angry? Do we stay afraid? 

If, after this story, you still believe there is "us" and "them" then there will probably never be anything I or anyone else can do to convince you otherwise. 

You probably will never understand what the Bible meant when it said:

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

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