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Day 5: Slogans - The Road To Mayor

June 14, 2015

It's Saturday. I often use the weekends to think. I avoid the phone and email as much as possible so I can take some time to think. 

Every small business owner knows this fact: As a small business owner you are the General, the front line soldier and the cook. You have to be able to shift roles instantly. I would imagine being mayor is a lot like that as well. 

Weekends are often when I become the General. I stand on top of the hill overlooking the battlefield and assess  the situation.  

So that's what I did today for my run for Akron mayor. 

I need to boil my vision down as clearly as I possibly can. I need a slogan. 

I've got the idea but I'm not happy with the words. 

The most popular slogan used for what I'm trying to achieve is Power To The People. 

But that has a lot of backstory to it. It's also not pariticularly modern. 

I want a phrase that represents the idea that people can do great things here in Akron. 

You can start a business. You can run for mayor. You can own property. You have the total right to pursue your happiness.

So many of us are afraid to try things. We're afraid of looking stupid if we fail. 

I'm trying to be the kind of leader that leads by example. I'm trying to set a good example of what good leadership looks like. I'm trying to put forth a positive vision. 

And with that my hope is that it will inspire other people to try things like start a business or run for political office. 

Positive leadership in government barely exists. Negativity rules our country, states and cities. That kind of leadership rubs off on the people. Americans and Akronites are amazing in spite of our government leadership. Not because of it. 

I want to be the kind of leader Akron deserves. 

So, I need a slogan for that. 

Some ideas so far are:

  • Empower the public 
  • People power
  • Yes you can

I'm also thinking it might need to be a hashtag. #yesyoucan - something like that. 

If you have any ideas on this please let me know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter. I definitely could use your help with this one. 

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