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Day 71 - Homeless Interview - On The Road To Mayor

August 18, 2015

You can't stand on a street in Akron without meeting a homeless person. 

As I've been doing my signatures I've gotten to talk to a lot of homeless people. These conversations are the best part of running for mayor!

I wanted to start sharing them with you so you could experience them too.

These people typically won't let me take their picture and they definitely won't let me do a video.

But the guy I talked to today suggested I do a voice recording on my phone. The homeless are probably more tech savvy than you'd think. Email accounts, Tracfones, Facebook accounts. They have it all.

So it's not surprising this guy thought of doing a voice recording before I did.

He was very adamant that I not use his name and not take his picture. But his words are incredibly powerful.

The homeless are part of your community. I think you'll find it interesting to hear what they have to say.

Check it out:


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