Sage Against The Machine

Day 72 – Kicked Out of Another Discussion – On The Road To Mayor

I was asked a few weeks ago to participate on a panel about the arts in Akron. 

I was really excited about that because I have a close relationship with the arts in Akron.

I spent all my high school years in the Akron Youth Symphony. I played countless concerts on the E.J. Thomas Hall stage. 

That’s interesting because the Hall has been closed for all outside events.

Akron mayor responds to University of Akron layoffs, EJ Thomas Hall closure |

the University of Akron, which have closed the university’s press and the city’s biggest performance space, EJ Thomas Hall.

I also donate space in my building to a variety of artists.

I just was excited. That’s all.

But I found out today I’m not invited to participate in that discussion.

Yesterday I was asked by a group helping Millennials to vote to spread the word about their events. When I asked if I could come to the events they told me no.

It’s frustrating and exhausting.

My initial response is: “I don’t need this shit.”

I can just go back to running my business. I’ve got plenty I can do to keep me busy.

In fact, if I’d stop now I could schedule another camping trip for this weekend, and the next, and the next. 

Frank Comunale quit. He quit so hard and fast his web site says he’s still ready to move Akron forward. He makes it look pretty good.

But here’s the thing.

These mayoral debates piss me off.

I’ve sat through 3 hours of debate now.

I’m pretty sure I know who prays more. I’m pretty sure I know who’s going to “work together” more. I’m pretty sure I know who thinks the sewer matters more to. (not really. They all just tried to one up each other on all those issue so much I lost track.)

But here’s what I don’t know:

Who gives one single solitary shit about:

  1. The homeless
  2. The hungry
  3. Abandon homes.

In 3 hours of mind numbing debate I never heard the word homeless or hungry come up once. Not. One. Time.

Who thought of putting the finances online first is a thrilling debate. I wrote about doing this on June 17: Akron Will Post Its Checkbook Online. Since they don’t write anything meaningful on their sites I can’t see when they first “thought of it.” Total bullshit.

You aren’t getting a choice for mayor. Williams and Horrigan are 2 peas in a pod. 

Comunale was the guy I was going to actually endorse as the Democratic candidate. He had some legitimately interesting ideas. Now I see he probably was pushed out because he thought too much for himself. 

There is a guy I see almost every day as I drive to work. He will see my truck, stop dead in his tracks and raise his hand all the way in the air to wave at me as I go by. It makes me smile every time he does it.

He told me yesterday he just got diagnosed with colon cancer. How would you like to deal with treating colon cancer with no food, no housing, no money, no relatives? He has nothing.

I’m staying in this race for him.

I’m staying in the race for all the countless other homeless and hungry I meet on the street.

And if they read this let it be known: On day one: I will start the “A sock on every feet” initiative. 

If you are homeless, whenever you need socks, you will get them. 

I’ve been told many times that because they are on their feet so much new socks make a huge difference. You got it. I’ll get ’em for you.

But if I’m going to stay in the race, I REALLY NEED MORE SIGNATURES.

If you are an Akron Registered voter and would be willing to give me a signature to get on the ballot so the homeless and hungry can at least be heard a little in this debate please use this form below to tell me where and when I can meet you to get your signature. 

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